Undead Guardians
Shaper of Eternity
Wetlands Trek
Book of the Dead
Red Hair
A pirate's loyal parrots
Six Wings
Storm Phoenix
Rusted Away
Oak Dryad
Beach Battlefront
Goal for the new year
Beneath the Waves - The Cure
Beneath the Waves - Tears from the old World
Beneath the Waves - Tears from the old World
Beneath the Waves - The Battle
Blue Light in the Dark
Yellow Charge
A Warrior's End
Sumerian Exodus
Transatlantic Boardgame Illustrations
Transatlantic - Ships #2
The Whaler - Nature's Wrath
The Whaler - Sunset
The Whaler - The Hunt
Meteor in the sky
Unsung Hero - The Twilight Bark
All Zombies Now
The Silver Seven
Tropical Waters
Robin Hood
Planet of the Eyes
Planet of the Eyes - Cover Artwork
Inktober 17 - #04
Inktober 17 - #03
Inktober 17 - #02
Inktober 17 - #1
Samurai Archer
Cloud Catcher
Winter Patrol
Very Fluffy
Demon Priest
The Aztec Gold
The Devil's Landsknecht
Red and Blue
Covered in Dust
Armored Bulldozer
Napoleonic Infantry
Unsung Hero - Snowstorm
Rows of Teeth
Unsung Hero - Courage
Raven Cloak
The Fat Rat
The Red Rocket
Siege Ladder
Red Moon
Clear Night
Noble Lord
Black Swan
Random Afternoon
Laser Beam
A Red Line
Runaway Slave
Lumbering Giant
The Hero we need
Cloud Machine
Frozen Motion
Lazy Afternoon
The Three Wishes
Front Line
Written in Blood
Aircraft Flying Overhead
The First People
The Rebel Fleet
Carrying the Wounded
Burst of Energy
The Big Boss
Magical Fail
Cracks in the Ground #2
Cracks in the Ground
Looking over the edge
Break in the clouds
Burnt to the ground
Don Quijote
Frost Queen
Love is in the Air
Vision in the Fire
Alone by the Sea
Overwhelming Horde
The Empty Throne
Ultimate Attack
Creeping through the tall grass
Dragon Riders
Extradimensional Creature
The Source of Evil
Flaming Sword
Inverted Tower of Babel
Born in Fire
The Red Ace
White as snow, red as blood
Age of Heroes
Call of the Dragon
Head in the clouds
Speedpainting Selection #03
Speedpainting Selection #02
Speedpainting Selection #01
Fighting through the Thorns
Pest Token
Satyr - Sketch
Transatlantic - Ships #5
Transatlantic - Ships #3
Transatlantic - Ships #1
Transatlantic - Ships #4
The Experiment Failed
The System
Artifical Human Production
Industrial City
The Gleißstrom River