Unsung Hero - 1

Do you remember my „Unsung Hero“ from some of my speedpaintings? The knight with his red shield and flag?

I decided to continue his journey! He will go on an epic quest and you guys are doing the call where to go!

The idea ist that you can choose from the following three main directions and I will paint the next image based on that. You will be able to vote on the next image as well and so the story will unfold.
I am super excited to see where that leads us to!

So what should be the Title of this first adventure?

1. Into the Lair of the Hydra swarm
2. The souls of the SunKing
3. The seven shards of the golden sword

Type #1, #2 or #3 in the comments below and decide on our hero’s fate!

March 5, 2021