Magic the Gathering - Theros - Trailer - Concept Art

Last year I had the great pleasure to work with Axis Animation on the trailer for the new Magic the Gathering set: "Theros - Beyond Death"

My job: Concept Artist
Unfortunately I can't show the actual concept art, so here are some shots where you can see those elements I designed.

I was responsable for designing the effects. The look and behavior of that magic wall, how the figures are interacting with it and how it looks like, when they got their soul ripped out. I also did the concepts for the water surface and the mist in the scene.
I also designed the smoke of Ashiok. How it moves, looks and behaves in the air and under water.

It is so great to see how everything came together!

Special thanks to Jake Gumbleton, he was the Art Director on this, and it was amazing to work with him!

February 14, 2020