MtG - Raffine's Tower

Next one of the art deco landcycle!
Here we have the abstract depiction of the roof tops of the high society skyscrapers! This is where the Obscura Family has their headquarters and process all the valuable information and incriminating leverage they gathered on the streets!
My idea through out those lands was to show not literally what is inside the hideout, but more what the feeling of beeing part of this family would look like as a art deco fresco.

So all of these show signiture elements of their territory as well as their special interests.
The door it self is also very prominent - the center of all those images.
We see a differently shaped stylized door in all of those. All are slightly open and we see a stripe of bright light coming out of it. This light shows the different colors the family stands for and what the card can produce.
A small detail: we see a tiny figure at the bottom of the card. (behind the text block)
This figure stands for all potential new members of the families.
It is YOU joining them.
It is YOU getting into their business and
it is YOU who is probably overwhelmned by what awaits you behind those doors.
Are you ready to decide?
Artwork for Magic the Gathering.
SET: Streets of New Capenna
AD: Cynthia Sheppard

May 17, 2022