MtG - Cut your Losses

This is another very special artwork for me. It was so fun designing it.
The keywords for this were: "halved", "devided"
My idea was that the whole image features several different aspects of something being cut into two parts.
1. The most obvious devision is the golden statue in the center of the piece. It stands for deviding the profits of your criminal endevours. Those are very profitable (gold) but also very dangerous, thats why the statue features a skeleton as a symbol for death holding a sword a symbol of violent actions which might be necessary on the streets.
2. The character is also devided into two parts. His left side is nice and in order. He is calm and normal. It stands for the normal everyday life in New Capenna. The right side is wild. Glowing eyes and disturbed spiky hair. This side stands for the madness, the crimes and the wild life. Everyone here has two faces!
3. We see two glasses filled with halo. One is half full - one half empty. How do you see the world as a citizen of New Capenna. Optimist or Pessimist?
4. In addition to the elements in the scene the image it self, the composition is devided in two parts. The upper part is bright the lower part is dark.

Artwork for Magic the Gathering.
SET: Streets of New Capenna
AD: Cynthia Sheppard
© Wizards of the Coast

April 29, 2022